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On the invisible plane, this intention will start a special process. Usually the invisible bodies surround you as a group of ovoids of energy with varying degrees of density. When you place a Tarot deck in your hands with the intention of using it, an intense, powerful, and luminous illumination appears in your aura. Your call to the Angel of process begins with the rays of energy leaving the heart of your being, niques of concentration, In this way, you may. Work with the Tarot Angel of the Tarot.

Your will to perform this action gives rise to a very valve a study of the divinities thi special and strong vibratory link. Once this connection is established, inner working a meditation. Your wish to be receptive, a tance, but the conscious use oftil passive attitude of wishing to receive, is what triggers this effect. To explain how this. Various methods exist waves will bounce back toward you as you are the originator of this phenomenon.

T he difference is JOU must call on the Angel guidance for your work this intention will start a that the response of the Angel will be direct.

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If your invisible bodies are very reactive to IDRlen you place a Tarot deck any external intrusion, then only a very small portion of the energy an intense, powerful, and and inspiration will reach you. Understanding this relationship.. It is extremely intri: cards. In that case, it i, by the divine powers associated with that card. When you use these energies to work on yourself or other people, the divinities will allow you to harmonize the powers we select from among the Tarot cards. It is the same for the Angel of the Tarot, because you must remember that this Angel is the link among all the people using the Tarot.

When you use the Tarot for divination, it is essential to be open to divine inspiration. You may adopt one of two different attitudes. T he first attitude is that your research may simply be connected to questions regarding various aspects of the future and the life of the person consulting the cards.

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T he most traditional inquiries are those concerning love, money, profession, etc. In that case, it is very reassuring to ask the divinities for advice. T hen you will be able to know the consequences of making influences. However, one choice versus another choice. To gain this advantage, you must lll:rc. You must recognize that reach. If one desires this divinity functions in the shadow of your perceptions, and has a do "out of body" work wider perspective than you do.

With this understanding, you will be It is in this "out of body" able to balance and reconnect your soul to the harmonious divine to powers of the cosmos. It is the must remember that this the Tarot. Most of the study books written for the Tarot emphasize the theoretical meanings related to divinatory practices.

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T hese generally employ the most modern Tarot decks. Of course, divination is usually focused on symbolic interpretations.

http://soilstones.com/wp-content/2020-03-19/4200.php As I have explained previously, the Tarot is an effective channel that allows you to receive information and advice from the invisible plane. It is not my intention to minimize this approach and use but, for now, I want to focus on a use that is normally held to be occult. When I say that there is an esoteric plane, I do so by making an affirmation of, "T here exists something hidden behind the symbolic representations I find on the cards.

You will notice that it is a question of 1 undertaking a real initiatic path, starting with some inner work. T he aspects of your being; and Tarot offers you several possibilities, and you will use these for your monization. T his aspect of advancement, in all their aspects and qualities. Meditations, which work to activate the symbolic imagination. After working on these three different aspects with the help of the initiatic rules, you will be able to use the Tarot timely for a specific purpose or to work magic at a distance, with the maximum result.

T he powers present within each Arcanum act on the invisible plane but they generate a real effect on the physical and psychological level. It is important to note that you will be able to accomplish occult works of power without waiting for a complete mastery of the entire Tarot deck. For this purpose, you will undoubtedly find very useful the tables of correspondence among the divinities and the different parts of the body, various diseases, and psychological problems.

Even if you are at the very beginning of your studies, and have not completed the work on the Tarot Trumps, it will not create a problem for you to use these cards. T hese energies are sufficient to lead to a satisfactory result. Once you have achieved reharmonization, your intellectual and inner understanding of the Arcana will reinforce the power of the card when you practice those rituals.

You will progress step by step, gradually activating this divine aspect in all its dimensions, reaching into the deepest layers of your psyche. The aspects of your being; and you will use these for your monization. This aspect of Tarot work will help you to work on the "ties. T his is true whether you are learning about the divinities of the Aurum Solis Tarot or any of the other Tarot decks you might want to use. Once you understand the individual keys thoroughly as you expand your knowledge , it will become increasingly important and natural development for you to understand the relationships among the cards.

In the more two aspects of your study common systems of the Tarot currently available, these relationships inevitably be the founda are not very easy to find, let alone to understand and assimilate. In the tween reason and imagin esoteric Aurum Solis Tarot thanks to the initiates of the Ogdoadic development. It will be ments improves your life.

Reading about and understanding ous challenges that co the lives and personalities of these eternal divinities will unveil their to anticipate your actions structure of relationships. Understanding the connections among the tions before you commit toai divinities allows you to see, feel, and increase your connection to the a rich source of illusion,.


T his is much more than an intellectual exercise. T heoretical may extend your understanding by practicing readings, performing you can use it to be set meditations, etc. It is for ferent situations you will come across in your use of these Tarot cards to imaginary places. Ho in your daily life. You may find it useful to devote a special notebook and commonly underst or index cards to this topic to write notes during your training and T hough it may be difficult.

Over time, this diary will provide you with a way to your personal use of learning.

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  • The symbolic dimension is the continuation, extension, and natural development from your theoretical studies. In the tween reason and imagination, which is the seed germ of your inner of the Ogdoadic development. Imagination is also your connection to the a rich source of illusion, including fantasies, fancy, or the imaginative intellectual exercise. I powers of, each divinity. It is for this reason that legends or fairy tales refer to imaginary places. The imaginary realm is a real function of the mind and it is different from your personal use of imagination.

    The imaginary realm is a part of your mind that is open to the higher dimensions of the universe. In other words, you use your imagination to move through the imaginary realms and to thus interact with the invisible planes. This is a very ety, memory is rarely used. However, if; closed in on itself. The symbols and divinities you find in the Arcana were prepared for you by the ancients, to be used as a link, a bridge, between your psyche and a higher and inner dimension that you normally use unconsciously.

    You do not begin by emptying your mind. The goal is to remove any intrusive thoughts and to control your psyche so that you can focus on whatever you choose to imagine. However, you must not reduce the visualization which I will describe later in the book to a mere exercise in concentration; concentration is merely the initial phase of this technique. The meditative process is used to integrate the symbol, to give it life, and to be able to find its meaning without the help of the intellect.

    You may use the Tarot in three steps to accomplish this process. This process will permit you to have a more complete and active Arcanum that will be personal to you. However, bear in mind that the Arcana must be kept simple and clean in their design, so that they are easy to remember. The complexity of the representation is not a proof of its validity, power, or efficacy. W hen you have visited all "astral splitting. To do this, you may use your storehouse..!

    It is clear that everyone has this ability to of memories.