Gemini february 18 horoscope

Your focus turns to how you feel today, and it's possible that you could be feeling a bit more tender than usual. This could be a good time to kick back and take it as easy as possible. On a similar note, this could be a good time to spoil yourself a little. Go ahead and nourish yourself. There's no need to rush into things today.

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If things are moving slow, that's not a bad thing as it'll give you the chance to focus solely on the things on your plate. Don't worry, though. The pace will pick back up soon enough. The time out you take now will have you ready for it. You get by today with the help of your friends, so make some time to catch up with them, even if you feel like staying in your shell. Receiving their help and support could be just the thing you need right now so be open to the love. You'll have lots of time to yourself soon enough.

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You might find yourself craving some attention and praise today around your accomplishments but what if the praise you're seeking never arrives? Not that you aren't a superstar but at the end of the day the only validation you need is your own. Meanwhile, your friends are a resource. You've got a vision for the future and as such, today reminds you that you've got many possibilities. No need to lock yourself into one path, method, or outcome.

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By remaining open to what's to come, you might find that it's more than you could have ever planned for. You've got what it takes to succeed. You may need to speak your truth today where an intimate relationship is concerned. Boundaries and honesty is needed now so don't be afraid to be your authentic self, even if it means embracing uncomfortable feelings or the pieces of yourself that you were taught not to love. You may be called on for help today and you're more than happy to help out. At the same time, be mindful of being too available to those that only seem to show up when they're in need.

You don't need anyone siphoning off your energy. Too, seek support if you have to. While you might find yourself moving at a snail's pace today, take heart that your path to success means taking your time and honing your craft rather than trying to plow through it. Paying attention to the small details will ensure a big pay off later.

Enlist the help of someone you know. A little self-care goes a long way today, especially if it involves doing something pleasurable. In what ways can you bring a little romance to your day? And, no, it doesn't necessarily need to involve another person. Romance can be the act of falling in love with yourself and life. You might be in a more self-reflective mood today or entertaining feelings of nostalgia.

Making time to catch up with those you haven't seen in a while could feed your craving for home. Overall, you're in need of something that nourishes your soul. Give yourself permission to receive it. You might find yourself feeling a bit overstimulated now, which means that you may need to be a bit more picky about what you're giving your attention to today.

Be wary of absorbing too many conversations or social media feeds that put a damper on your mood. Take a time out. It's a bright and bubbly kind of a day with the Moon in curious and chatty Gemini. Under a Gemini Moon, we tend to be more social, upbeat, and in the mood for anything that's intellectually interesting and engaging. Since Gemini is the sign associated with communication, we might find our inboxes and mailboxes buzzing with activity and opportunities too.

With the Gemini Moon teaming up with ambitious Mars in partnership-oriented Libra, today is also a day where we can accomplish a lot if we work in pairs or groups. As such, teamwork and effective communication will be the themes for much of the afternoon.

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For those of us who may be a bit shy or apprehensive about initiating an important convo, this Moon-Mars match up, could give us the motivation to do it. You're feeling curious and inspired now, making it the perfect time to connect with others that fuel your inspiration and ideas. Conversations and connections that you make now could help you with getting a plan off the ground. Just be mindful of having an over-competitive spirit.


If you've been looking for a new gig, today is a great day for making those money money moves. Overall, it's a good time for getting on top of anything that's accounting related. If staying put at your current job, your hard work is rewarded. Too, new skills can bring cash. The spotlight is on your and your mood today and you might find that you're in the mood for anything that gets you laughing and your heart pumping.

What kinds of adventures can you go on today?

Which one of your passions are calling out to you now? Your mission is to get the answers. You might find yourself feeling extra moody today, but that's a good sign that you need some extra rest and nourishment.

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Consider today a good time to get some. Meanwhile, if you've got extra energy on your hands, channeling it into a home-related or solo project can be productive. With your popularity buzzing today, this is a good time for initiating conversations with others that could lead to an opportunity or two down the line.

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  8. Meanwhile, when it comes to your words and thoughts today, how can you best use them for good on behalf of a friend or another? Your career and ambitions take center stage today and you could find yourself looking for some sort of recognition for your work and accomplishments.

    This might be one of those days when you'll need to be confident in your worth and not be shy about letting others know either. You're on a mission today, Libra, and with both the opportunities and the challenges presented to you today, you're reminded that you can accomplish just about anything when you put your mind and your willpower to it. Believe in yourself and just watch what you can get done. When it comes to dealing with other people today, remember that you've got a choice as to whether someone gets under your skin. While you're usually good at reading between the lines, be mindful of taking someone else's actions too personally.

    Guard your energy from the soul-suckers. When it comes to something you've been hoping or wishing for or something you've been planning, you can achieve success when you partner up with someone whose talents or skills compliment yours. On a different note, it's time to step up and be the change you want to see. You might find your cup running over with lots of tasks today, but you have more than enough energy to get things done.

    Daily Horoscopes: October 18, 12222

    As such, it's possible that you can hit a career milestone or make some major headway with a plan or goal now. Your discipline and hard work are about to pay off. That creative spark you're feeling is about to turn into a full-on flame, which can help you with breathing some fresh air into a creative project or starting a brand new one. In matters of the heart, romance is stirred up by either traveling or stepping outside of your usual routine. The potential here is enormous; don't under-estimate your currently under-used artistic talents. A New Moon in your money zone on October 27th indicates a fresh financial start with a new venture under your belt.

    It's an exciting time, but it will mean hard work and you may have to sacrifice some family time, as a Mars-Saturn square on the same day warns.